PARTAKE of Iceland, its inspiring culture, and spectacular landscapes in an exciting participation adventure. Iceland is not just a place, it's a story of incredible personal journeys—including yours. Condé Nast Traveler's Iceland Specialist will weave you into the island's narrative.

Befriend storytellers, explorers, artists, craftsmen, chefs, and equestrian guides. Explore volcanic and glacial landscapes on foot and horseback as our guide threads together your journey with Iceland's unique history, language, and folklore.

July 7-15, 2018 - or on request.

Gather wild herbs with our chef who connects you with local hunters, anglers, and farmers to prepare sumptuous field-to-table meals. Collaborate with artists who share their craft to commemorate your Iceland experience in your own way. Discover with Iceland's Photographer of the Year how to capture the moments you experience to bring them back home.

You'll spend nights in a 19th century wooden house on a remote, roadless island time forgot. Head out on horseback across the Arctic Ocean's black-sand shores to secret meadows of wildflowers. You'll ford rivers to reach a secluded fjord-side lodge in a spectacular setting. Wake up to a view of snowy mountains across a bay and collect driftwood that's washed ashore from distant lands to transform into your own creation. Don't tour Iceland, live it!

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Discover Iceland's remotest, most enchanting landscapes...

Explore Iceland with its most eminent landscape guide, Friðjón Árnason- expert in Icelandic history, language, literature, geology, folklore, art and culture. Discover the most exquisite, least trammeled terrains- lava fields, glaciers, hot springs, desert sands, volcanoes, black beaches and islands.

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Create lavish artisan meals in the wild...

Each day Áslaug Snorradóttir, Iceland's most artistic chef, food photographer and published author takes you to meet with farmers and fishermen- and to gather wild ingredients in-season to create lavish, delectable artisan meals. Photo by Áslaug Snorradóttir.

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Express your own creativity to wear along your journey...

Collaborate with renowned artist, sculptor, designer and Icelandic National Calligrapher, Soffia Árnadottir. Collect, gather and combine driftwood, horn, reindeer antler, lava stone and leather into wearable art during your adventure. Photo by Charlie Welch.

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Capture the moment with Iceland's Photographer of the Year...

Iceland's Photographer of the Year, Páll Stefánsson- National Geographic, Time Magazine, Iceland Review contributor and creator of over 30 important landscape photography books and 300 magazine covers- will help you take your own picture as remarkable as the scenery before you. Photo by Páll Stefánsson.

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Explore Iceland's otherworldly surrounds...

Arctic explorer Óskar Arason will take you deep into sapphire ice caves, atop massive glaciers and floating among icebergs in a glacial lagoon. Born and raised in the realm of Vatnajökull glacier, Óskar knows the best ways to introduce you to the impossible glow of turquoise arctic ice.

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There is no more profound experience of nature than by journey on horseback. Experience the Iceland of a millennium ago with celebrated equestrian guide Arnþrúður Heimisdóttir. She will take you off-road in incredible journeys into remarkable expanses you’ll feel certain have never before been explored.

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Included are
- all transportation within Iceland
- all accommodations in the best available hotels in each region
- all breakfasts, lunches- and morning and afternoon refreshments
- daily special guided adventures
- materials for creation- just bring your own camera