Don't listen to us! Here's what our guests say:

A Spectacular Trip

We flew to Keflavik on June 14, 2019 and returned on July 1, 2019, and during that time we had a spectacular trip. Iceland provides an incredible, even overwhelming, wealth of beauty and experiences; the itinerary and suggestions from Icepedition ensured that we saw and did the things that most interested us given our time frame.

Icepedition's director, Chris Gordon began planning our trip by obtaining an understanding of our interests. He kept that interest foremost in his planning, suggesting activities that might interest us, and adjusting his suggestions based on our reactions. He knew that we were mostly interested in nature, local food, and learning first hand more about the Icelandic people and their culture. With this in mind, he planned a circumnavigation of the island on the Ring Road, with multiple excursions off that main highway to see features or to engage in activities that interested us.

An example of one of his suggestions was to take the ferry to Vestmannaeyjar (the Westman Islands)--something we would not have planned for ourselves--but which was one of several high points of our trip. The excursions that he included - a boat trip, a visit to an ice cave, an ATV excursion, and horseback riding - were all exceptional. In fact, when the boat trip company suddenly ceased operating the trip he had booked for us, Chris immediately contacted us in Iceland, through our hotel and by email, with a replacement boat trip.

-Marie and Don V., USA

"Chris, I couldn't let the day end without telling you how wonderful this trip was. I will give you some detailed comments. Hot river mountain bathing may have been my favorite activity of the trip—I know our whole group loved it as well. Ulli was our guide and he was absolutely perfect. Outfitting us from head to toe (literally) made the trip perfect—no one was cold despite the temperature. Bathing in the hot spring was an event not to be missed. Ulli's choice of location was nothing short of ingenious since he could control the temperature of our "bath" perfectly!! We had his 'rugged' Pomeranian with us for protection and that made the whole hike all the more entertaining. We had the opportunity to meet his family once we returned (his mother made the lunches). The small group, personal feel to the adventure was what we enjoyed the most. Snowmobiling was also fantastic. The day was beautiful and sunny with not a cloud in the sky. Kayaking among icebergs was also great. I would recommend this highly. We seemed to get to do a lot more than other tours—going inside the ice cave. The scenery was utterly unmatched and driving through the countryside gave us a feel for this beautiful country. Finally, about Friðjón. We cannot say enough about how he managed our group. His driving is skillful—we always felt safe. He answered all our questions thoroughly and often with a little story to accompany his answer. He is so personable, funny and resourceful. You may have heard that I forgot my luggage and he had a fish truck bring it to us overnight!! He tolerated our poor attempts at Icelandic and allowed one of our crew (who was learning Icelandic) to practice speaking and reading with him. We clearly bonded with him (and even got to meet his wife). We ended the trip with the fantastic Fireworks on New Year's Eve—which he interrupted his own family gathering to bring us to Reykjavik and back. I could not end this letter without a big THANK YOU for arranging all these wonderful things for us. You seemed to know us perfectly and the tour companies you used were exactly what we wanted. What a beautiful country—I can see why you love it so much and took the time to show us why."

- Becky H., USA

"Chris, I want to thank you for all the work you put in planning our trip. We truly had an amazing experience, and all the details and arrangements were perfect. Our day with Ulli was particularly special – it felt like we were given a gift to be able to share 'his' mountain with him, including the beautiful hike, secret swimming spots and steam-cooked meal, and with his dog Rippi along adding to the fun. That said, all of the Iceland sights, adventures and meals were terrific and quite memorable."

- Lewis R., USA

"Chris, We having our last dinner in Iceland. We want to thank you so much for an unforgettable experience - your attention to detail, attentiveness and guidance were outstanding. You should be proud of the experience you provided us. Thank you so so much again."

- Irit and Josh H., Australia

"Thanks for everything Chris!! It was an amazing trip, planned perfectly by you!! Thank you again!"

- Debbie ., USA

"Chris, Thank you for providing a wonderful Icelandic experience. The hotels, the food and the sightseeing were extraordinary. I will highly recommend you to anyone who may have inquiries about your service and thank you for all the excellent logistical information. My son and I just loved the trip."

- Karen B., USA

"Chris, We just wanted to let you know that we had a fabulous trip to Iceland!!! Thank you for all your wonderful research and planning---all the hotels were just perfect. We especially enjoyed the Fosshotels and the Canopy Hotel in the capital city. The breakfasts were amazing-- everything was fresh and plentiful. Our daughters enjoyed the Icelandic yogurt and gravlax each morning--too good!! Lastly, we loved Höfn (the Icelandic pony rides) and Westman Islands, where we were able to see puffins in flight by the cliffs as well as the fascinating volcanic museum. We heard a whale rescue sanctuary is in the works on the island. The scenery and terrain in Iceland is so unusual, breathtakingly beautiful and we often felt like we were in Game of Thrones Country and might spot a dragon at any moment. We will be sure to recommend you to anyone we know planning a trip to Iceland. Thanks again for a most memorable vacation!!!"

- Beth D., USA

"Chris, wanted you to know we got your updated itinerary today and that our trip is just going fabulously! Your directions/info are "spot on"--very easy driving in this country! The Discovery is very comfortable and everything fits! Love the restaurants etc--many thanks for putting this all together."

- Diane L., USA

"We had such a brilliant time- everything was organized to a 'T'. We followed every direction with ease- and it was SO refreshing to not have to think about a thing, and just pull out your paper for the day. I do so much traveling, and always self-planning- so this was so refreshing to travel this way. You literally should be calling yourself a full concierge. I would honestly book all travel this way if you did it!!!"

- Gwen W., USA

"You have helped me more than you know, my husband has organizational standards I can barely ever live up to and he was sooo pleased and excited looking through the meticulously crafted document detailing everything in a play by play format. Yes!!!! Thank you, thank you! Thank you so much for all of your help with this, you are a travel master."

- Claire G., USA

"Chris, I cannot express my gratitude in enough words. Our trip was ABSOLUTELY AMAZING all thanks to you. Every excursion was unreal and breathing taking. I cannot also thank you enough for introducing us to Friðjón, he truly is a true gem and changed our trip completely (we still talk about how much we miss him daily). We hope to cross paths with you both one day. Thank you thank you!"

- Lauren G., USA

"The only thing I regret is you only do Iceland!"

- Richard G., USA

"Having a glass of wine after tonight's concert at Harpa and reflecting on my wonderful days in Iceland, everything was perfect. Dog sledding on a glacier was an out-of-body experience that I am still trying to put in words. Its probably as close as I will ever come to being on the moon. I want to move to Iceland! This trip was a game-changer for me. I don't know how to adequately say thank-you for the superb days in Iceland! It was perfection! And, so much fun! You are the perfect guide! Thank you!"

- Eva W., USA

"Chris! The trip was a HUGE success. It was all planned perfectly. We loved Budir- the restaurant was phenomenal and the horseback riding was perfect (although windy and coldwe had a wonderful time!) The staff at Hotel Budir were so friendly and warm and it was truly a spectacular experience. The driving was all easy and simple- the roads were totally fine, a bit icy at times, but the car was excellent. We just turned the heat up, had the seat warmers on and enjoyed the scenic views on the drives. Felt like we were on the the moon. All the places we stopped were fantastic- wow! wow! Wow! Hotel Frost and Fire was lovely as wellas you said, such a nice setting on the river with great food and cozy rooms. It all worked out great! The highlight was absolutely my husband's hot river birthday excursion- what excitement! All smiles and tremendous fun. His favorite things consist of hiking, snow, hot springs and chocolate and we had all of these things on Saturday! They surprised him with a delicious chocolate cake- so thoughtful and special! And we were the only ones at the hot river except for a couple of people who came in for about 30 minutes at the end. Very special and unique! Top notch and really wonderful overall. Thank you for planning this all so perfect over our short time there- it was great and we can't wait to come back in the summertime again! What a fabulous country and place- soooo wild! Thanks again and will send people your way! You rock!"

- Alessandra J., USA

"The Iceland trip you arranged for me was a peak experience in my life! It will take a while to process all the impressions I have of that strange and beautiful island, but even now the adventure has left an indelible imprint on my life. Highlighted by visiting Thingvellir, Geysir, the Glacial Lagoon Jokulsarlon and its icebergs, many waterfalls, and a view of Eyja(allajökull (which I can now pronounce), the most spectacular sight, and the one I really didn't think I'd actually see, was the Northern Lights, which I had an amazing three-hour opportunity to view during the South Coast excursion. Wow!"

- Matt S., USA

"Chris - thanks one million times for the care and personal attention you shared with us on our Arrive and Drive adventure. Your availability by text at all times of day was very crucial to our comfort as we faced the unusual weather conditions of this winter. It was like you were there with us! The highlights for us was an absolutely fantastic Aurora display. Like so many other travelers that was our reason for coming in March and we were brought to tears by the display. My personally guided horse ride, as a major storm bore down on us, was absolutely thrilling. I can still feel the 25 mph tolt of the awesome horse I had was given to ride. I will never forget those 2 hours. Dog sledding on the glacier on a sunny clear morning delighted us and we learned so much from the knowledgeable mushers. The studio tours that you arranged were amazing and gave us contact with two very unique Icelandic artists that we will keep in contact with. We were very pleased with all of our accommodations especially Hotel Budir. Each one welcoming and had unique Icelandic charm. Breakfasts spoiled us for coming home to orange juice and coffee in fact all of the food we enjoyed in Iceland was memorable. Chris - thanks for becoming our favorite Icelandic friend! Your company lives up to it's reputation."

- Mary Jo and Mike J., USA

"ICEPEDITION is a fantastic company- the best tour I have ever gone on. I can't recommend this tour any more highly. It was simply the perfect way to see Iceland, with the perfect combination of independence and tour convenience. Please, go and see Iceland!"

- Adrian L., Australia

"This exceptional journey- ICEPEDITION- is the ultimate trip for an independent world traveler. With a couple of close friends, a partner, or on your own, you have the best of both worlds: private, intimate discoveries or adventurous group activities in a sparsely inhabited natural world. I would list it as one of my top 3 travel experiences. I loved the driving experience and being able to view the otherworldly terrains of the entire country. After returning home I read that the Ring Road was sighted as one of the thousand places to see before you die! And now I know why!!! I wouldn't have skipped one single moment of that entire drive; but the breathtaking beauty of the south coast, from the black sand beaches of Vik, through rolling, hilly mounds of purple lupine, following along majestic cliffs to the turf church Nupsstadir, which then lead us to a glacier lagoon filled with fluorescent blue icebergs, was one of my favorite days. Truly, each day of our expedition was a special surprise of sights, tastes, culture and beauty: organic and hand-crafted. Every angle of this trip was so well organized with attention to detail and interest. ICEPEDITION is a WEALTH of information about this gorgeous country, and the love and enthusiasm they share makes this trip one in a million. Wish I could do it all over again... and I just might!"

- Michelle B., USA

"Iceland's beauty is quite simply, mythic. Let your expectations soar, its reality will surpass them in ways impossible to imagine. There aren't many places on earth that can swallow you up like Iceland. Whether it's hiking along a verdant farm pasture, moon-like volcanic landscape or craggy glacier, it's an extraordinary place. Even a simple barn seems a work of art inextricably tied to the landscape. With ICEPEDITION, you will see an Iceland you couldn't possibly hope to discover on your own. This isn't a tour, it's a chance to explore what feels like one undiscovered treasure after the next - a journey with a gorgeous surprise around every turn."

- Amy T., USA

"From what I'd read about Iceland, I knew it was going to be like landing on the moon. But what I didn't expect was that the air could be so clean and the colors so vivid. There's a peaceful, open, wild, raw vastness everywhere you go there. You can tell people, but I don't think you can really prepare someone for the sensory overload you get upon arriving. The other travelers were free-spirited, open, kind, curious, independent, instead of the 'group mentality' set, and have the trip and experience in common. I always felt if there was something I wanted to do on my own or spend more time on, I could - with no pressure. The itinerary takes all the usual pressures of a vacation and eliminates them. Someone else does the planning - and worrying - all you have to do is show up and enjoy."

- Jeremy V., USA

"I knew Iceland wasn't ice, but I didn't know it was like being on another planet. Just when you find yourself wondering how they make their grass so green …you look, and there is no grass… just miles of striking lava fields. Then when you're wondering how they survive on this desolate planet, you look and there is lush green meadow for miles. I'm not sure what I was expecting, but I have a suspicion that Icelandic people keep it a mystery for a reason. There wasn't a single moment where I didn't wish I was Icelandic, and that I could stay there forever. Iceland is an entire country where the SUV seems necessary. I saw lots of four wheel drive vehicles with their center of gravity high above the road. In New York City I judge people for having such large gas guzzling vehicles, but in Iceland, you can see by the mud that the SUV is a way of life. It seems like Icelanders value their independence in their beautiful country. The long stretches of paved road are a means for them to get from one adventure to another. We used these roads in the same way, and I felt like Icelanders respected that. Reykjavik was interesting, and a nice relaxing finale to our adventure, but those long stretches of highway and beautiful scenery are what Iceland is all about."

- Jay P., USA

"I don't know what I expected going in but I was continually enchanted by Iceland. It really is the proverbial Eden with primeval waterfalls, amazing glaciers, and spectacular sheep everywhere. I really felt like I was in another universe- a pristine, untouched universe. Everyday there were more mountains, more craters, more glaciers, more thermal baths in an ever-changing landscape. It was heaven on earth. The best aspect, in my opinion, was that we could always choose exactly what we wanted to do… and never had to do something that we didn't want... We always had lists of possible attractions and we could see them or not see them- it was completely up to us. We had our maps and our cell phones to call Chris, but we also had our independence. At night, when we met up with the rest of the group, we each had different experiences to discuss and compare. It was a perfect marriage of group travel with individual itineraries. I highly recommend this trip to everyone out there- you will be glad that you chose it!"

- Charles L., USA

"The ICEPEDITION tour was well-crafted and comprehensive, circumnavigating the entire island. From South Iceland with its black sand beaches and rolling countryside, to the sulfur pits reminiscent of Jupiter's Moon Io, to a midnight beach bonfire during 24 hours of sunlight, to the quaint fiord town of Seydis(ordur, I was overwhelmed with the beauty and diversity of the country. ICEPEDITION made it possible for me to experience all of this with no worries whatsoever. I highly recommend not only seeing Iceland, but seeing it with ICEPEDITION."

- John T., USA

"I had pretty high expectations going in however words are only words and can never begin to describe a place. Iceland is truly remarkable with such a varied landscape, you feel like you are in a very special place, close to nature, very spiritual. At times it is as if you are "out of this world." I liked the fact that although we were traveling as part of a larger group, it felt as if the three of us were on our own. We were not alone (even when we were). I think the balance was very successful. I must impress upon you that all three of us had an ABSOLUTELY REMARKABLE TIME. The trip brought us closer together- over the years our schedules haven't allowed us to spend as much time with each other. It is a true test of friendship to be able to maintain sanity and a sense of humor when on such an adventure. THANK YOU CHRISTOPHER!!!"

- Tracy S., USA

"I imagined Iceland to be like Glacier National Park in Montana. It ended up being like Glacier National Park on steroids, in Alaska! I felt like it had all the "headliners" of all the national parks out there crammed into one tiny island. Everyday was insane and we got to see SO much I feel like I did Iceland right! I really enjoyed not having to worry about where we were going next, and I totally trusted ICEPEDITION and the itinerary. I really did like that we got to choose our own activities, like the day I opted out from going to a town and biked around a giant lake beneath a volcano and then hiked up the volcano instead! I loved the programming. My favorite highlights were beautiful abandoned island covered in puffins, the boat ride to the puffin island, meeting real Icelanders- at a bonfire on the beach with an Icelandic family and over dinner in Reykjavik, a hotel by a beautiful church surrounded by a glacier and the beach, a turf house museum and its clean, earthy smell, swimming in hot spring at midnight as though it was only 6:00 pm, playing with Icelandic sheepdogs. drinking out of a glacial stream and how it stayed so cold in my belly- that memory is so acute, the horses, the moss, the air, waterfalls, waterfalls, waterfalls..."

- Helene P., USA